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Saturday, 29 January 2011

No longer a LUSH virgin

So i finally went into Lush originally looking for Snow Fairy but finding out it's only available from fall for christmas.
I decided to purchase a few things anyway.
Firstly i asked for anything that smelt close to snow fairy.
I was told that a few soap bars has similar sweet scents but i went with The Godmother.

It's basically the soap form of snow fairy and smells really girly and sweet, it's really pretty and has iridescent glitter inbedded in the plummy coloured bar. I was happy with it until i rinsed, it has that horrible rubbery feeling that non moisturising soaps tend to have which is why i prefer shower gels.
I also purchased a shower jelly, mainly for the fact that it was something quite different and exciting.

I chose the mildest one which was the Joy of Jelly, it feels really calming and relaxing so i love using it before bedtime. It actually builds up a good lather which was surprising, but i would purchase it again.

I wanted some bath bombs so i picked up Ickle baby bot for my daughter as she loves baths like crazy, she was initially scared of the blue fizzing robot in her beloved bath but as she got used to it she seemed to like it and the lovely turquoise the water turned to. It claims to help sleep aswell which is great news for parents! The other bath bomb was Tisty Tosty which is heart shaped with 7 rose buds inside,  but i have not had a chance to use this yet.

The Lush ladies were really helpful and friendly despite me needing products that didn't contain nuts but i am really happy with most of the products i bought and can't wait to go again.

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